Friday, August 19, 2011

Leaving Puerto Rico

Apologies for no postings all week.  Poor SIL has been flat out conferencing and partying.  She did manage a couple of emails because they are easier to send.  Anyway, SIL is now safely in the bosom of the Admirals Club at San Juan airport praying to the good airline fairy that her flight will leave on time to at least get her to Miami and hopefully onto gay Paris.  Puerto Rico has been a blast.  Stayed in the most gorgeous hotel in old San Juan.  SIL and fellow sensible delegates who stayed there were very smug and liked to show off hotel to other delegates who were NOT staying there.  They were suitably jealous.  SIL is now official hotel booker for next year's conference in Helsinki for a couple of Poms and a gaggle of Aussie librarians who obviously have no taste and need SIL to sort them out. Could be a bit trickier as costs will be 20 times more than Puerto Rico but SIL is up to the challenge.  Can't put photos up on this blog because SIL forgot attachment to get photos to computer via USB.  She can upload to her iPad and if she has a few spare minutes will try and sort things out.  Skyped GG this morning via iPad.  She was in Reims and SIL skyping in her bedroom in just her underwear.  Fortunately GG had no video of SIL so she survived the ordeal. 

Next blog from France when SIL finally meets up with STB and OVOOH.

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