Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Bordeaux

STB, OVOOH and SIL are now on the way to Bordeaux after a lovely couple of days in Amboise, a beautiful town central to seeing Loire Valley Chateaus. Their apartment was at the foot at Amboise Chateaux so the view out the window was rather lovely to wake up to. Two intensive days of touring various chateaus, favourite was Villandry because of the amazing gardens of which STB's and SIL's father would have adored. Their very own guide was Stephanie who took them around on both days in a small mini van thing that was very comfortable. Feature of first day was a magnificent lunch in gardens of Chenonceau, the largest chateaux that they saw. Was forced to drink copious amounts of wine that continued when they sat on the bank of Loire River to knock off another bottle. Second day included a visit to Leonardo Da Vinci's final residence. At least second day was marginally cooler than first. SIL STILL hasn't seen her suitcase, she hopes to be reunited with it this evening.

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