Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Day in Atlanta

So what should SIL do on her last day in Atlanta?  Yesterday she went to see the Martin Luther Center (after the conference had officially closed - SIL actually managed to last the whole conference for a change) and that was really good.  So what was left?  CNN headquarters - how they make 24/7 crap?  Coke?  Now, let's face it, we all know that Coke is only good when it has 3/4 rum in it. 


SIL could indulge in a morning flapping about in the indoor pool, losing 8 kg in the sauna and pummeled gently by the whirlpool spa.  Oh the torture of it all.  The hotel's entire spa complex for SIL (everyone else was obviously working and other unpleasant things).  Alas, SIL is now at Atlanta airport which is decidely downmarket and not quite up to SIL's expectations.  However, thanks to Qantas Club, she is now cosetted safely away in the Admiral's Club.  Alas food and booze is not free.  American Airlines really needs to have a little chat to QClub.  Next stop is San Juan and the Hotel El Convento. 

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