Friday, August 19, 2011

The best laid plans

Well, here SIL is at the Admirals Club Miami.  Whilst SIL was writing the last blog, a bloody storm came to San Juan and all planes were diverted to the moon for refuelling.  Hence flight arrived just in time to Miami for SIL to wave goodbye to the plane to Paris.  Now poor SIL has to go to Paris via Madrid several hours later and her luggage, well, who knows when and where that will turn up.  Poor poor SIL may need to stay in Paris overnight to wait for her luggage.  A night in Paris?  How absolutely ghastly.  However, SIL hasn't actually GOT a boarding pass for the flight between Madrid and Paris as she has to do that with Air France in Madrid.  Oh what fun.  What joy.  Stay tuned.

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